Spellbinders Fall Leaf Wreath Card

fall wreath final

My project today is a Spellbinders fall leaf wreath card.   I love the colors of fall – the rich shades of gold, red, russet and brown.  This wreath represents those colors and is easy to make thanks to two of my favorite Spellbinders die sets — Decagons and Little Leaf Sets.

You’ll begin by making a foundation for the wreath.  You’ll need to use two Spellbinders dies nested together to cut the foundation.  Color doesn’t matter since you’ll cover this with the leaves and it won’t show through.  I used Spellbinders Decagon dies, although one of the circle sets would also work (the angles of the Decagons die make it easier to make the wreath balanced).   I selected a Decagons die for my outer cut that is approximately 3” wide (counting from the outside in, the third die).  I wanted my foundation to be approximately 1/2” wide, so I counted in 2 more dies and selected that one as the center cut (actually the third die when counting from the center of the stack).  When cutting, be sure to use your magnetic mat or a piece of removable tape to hold the dies in place.

You’ll need to select several colors of paper for the leaves.  I selected five colors – enough to add some depth and dimension.  I used four of the Spellbinders Little Leaf Sets to cut an assortment of leaves from each color of paper.  You’ll need to cut at least two full leaf sets of each color.  Be sure to take the time to emboss the leaves as you cut them – this will add dimension to the leaves and to the wreath when assembled.

Next you’ll prepare the leaves to add them to the wreath.  This is a two-step process.  In the first step you’ll add a little contrasting or complementary color to the leaves to give them dimension.   I used my Memento inks and Darice Foamies small marshmallows to do this.  Tap the Foamies marshmallow on the ink pad to pick up some ink, and then tap most of the ink off on scratch paper before applying it to the edges, etc. of each leaf (using the ink full-strength will likely be too much contrast).    Use very light pressure to glide the Foamies marshmallow over the leaf surface.  Unlike a sponge, the Foamies marshmallow will place ink on top of the paper and won’t get ink into the embossed areas, etc.  You can use a contrasting ink (such as Morocco on the gold leaves) or a complementary ink (such as Peanut Brittle on the orange leaves) – try a couple of options until you are happy with the finished result.  The second step in preparing the leaves is to break down the paper a little by curling it between your fingers, and folding or wrinkling each leaf to give it dimension.   You can see both of these steps in this short video.

Before beginning to assemble the wreath, you’ll want to make the bow.  I used an ivory silk ribbon to tie a simple bow.  Keep this close by as you assemble the wreath.  You’ll want to see how the wreath looks with the bow, etc. as you’re attaching the final leaves (I left a spot that was a little less dimensional for the bow).

Now you’re ready to begin building the wreath.  Use the large leaves only as you work around the foundation piece (made with the Decagons die set) – I tried to keep this layer of the wreath balanced, using similar leaves/colors on each side.  Use just a little glue in the center only as you attach these leaves.  You’ll need to overlap the leaves somewhat to cover the foundation piece entirely.   Once the glue dries on that first layer of leaves, you’ll go back through and place a little dimensional adhesive underneath some of the leaves to begin to establish the texture/dimension of the wreath.  I used the Darice 3/16” squares for this – the Darice adhesive isn’t too thick, so the layers are built gently.  Add more leaves to the wreath using the dimensional adhesive or glue.  Use mostly the medium size leaves from the sets, although a few more of the large leaves may be desirable.  (The smallest leaves are probably too small for this project.)  If your initial layer fully covered the Decagons foundation, you’ll only need one layer of medium-sized leaves to finish the wreath.  This picture shows the wreath from a side view – you can see the white squares of the dimensional adhesive.

fall wreath side view

I also used the dimensional adhesive to attach the bow to the wreath.  Although you’ll want the ends of the bow to be free, I found it helpful to use the dimensional adhesive in several places to make sure the bow stays nice.

Finally, you’re ready to assemble the card.  Since the wreath itself is so “busy”, I thought it best to pick solid layers.  I used a white with gold shimmer metallic paper to enhance the rich colors of the leaves, and to make the wreath really pop.  The background layer should also complement the wreath as a whole (not necessarily one of the colors used on it).  I used a cinnamon-colored Memory Box paper.  I thought the “Autumn Blessings” sentiment from Our Daily Bread fit nicely with the wreath.   To finish, I added a few matching leaves on each side, and used dimensional adhesive to attach the sentiment.  I attached the wreath with ScorTape by Scor-Pal.  A strong adhesive is needed since the wreath is heavy and may want to pop off the page.

Supplies used:

Spellbinders Decagons (S4-369)  (You could substitute a round die set)

Spellbinders Little Leaf Sets (S4-385)   (You could substitute Spellbinders Fall Leaf Set)

Die cutting machine – I used my Spellbinders Grand Calibur for best results

Cardstock for base of wreath – a scrap approximately 3 x 3

Cardstock for leaves – I used Bazzill basics tomato, blissful, honey, mud puddle and navel

2 cardstock layers for card – I used white with gold shimmer metallic cardstock from The Paper Cut and a cinnamon-colored solid cardstock by Memory Box.

Sentiment – I used “Autumn Blessings” from Our Daily Bread (set F481)

Inks – I used Memento Peanut Brittle, Rhubarb Stalk, Morocco and Sweet Plum to edge the leaves.  The sentiment is stamped with Rhubarb Stalk.

Adhesive – I used ScorTape by ScorPal and Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive

Dimensional Adhesive – I used Darice Adhesive Foam – 3/16” squares

Ribbon – I used an ivory May Arts 7/8” silk ribbon

Blending foam – I used Darice Foamies foam marshmallows – small size


You can purchase the featured supplies online at Cut at Home or at your local shop.  My fave is Bayers Pampered Stampers in Toledo, Ohio.   You can see the original project at Bayers beginning on Tuesday, September 24.

Thanks and happy scrappin’!



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