Tim Holtz Alterations “Autumn Gatherings” Fall Leaf Arrangement

final card

Today I want to share a scrapbook page featuring a fall leaf arrangement made with the Sizzix, Tim Holtz AlterationsAutumn Gatherings” die.  I love the crisp air on a fall morning and the beautiful colors as the leaves begin to turn.   It reminds me of family and fall holidays.  The pictures on this page are me (several years ago) cooking Thanksgiving dinner while dressed as a Pilgrim, and my Grandmother who first taught me how to cook.  The sentiment is a QuicKutz cookie cutter die called “Give Thanks”.

There are many different ways that you can use the Autumn Gatherings die.  I just love how versatile it is.  I’ve included this picture so that you can see another interpretation of a fall arrangement (on the cover of the die), as well as the die itself.  I sometimes find it helpful to see the actual die to better plan how I can use it.

die close-up

You can see from the die, that it cuts the separate pieces and you can assemble them into anything you want . . . a leaf spray, a leaf wreath, decoration for a card or scrapbook page, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  This truly is a versatile die.

If you’re not quite sure how you want to approach your arrangement, you may first want to gather some fall colors of cardstock (you could use some patterned cardstock as well).  It is easiest to cut 2-1/2” strips of cardstock to match the die size.  You can either cut a strip the entire length of the paper and cut one of everything in each color, or you may want to “target” certain areas of the die for certain colors.  For example, you may not want orange twigs or acorns, but you might want orange leaves.  You can simply trim your 2-1/2” strip to fit the area containing leaves only.  I did a little of both when cutting what I needed for this arrangement – for the light tans and browns, I used a 12” strip and cut all of the elements; for some of the brighter colors, I cut leaves only.

Once the pieces were cut, I sponged some color on them to give them a little dimension.  I’ve showed in several previous videos how to do this.  See, for example, my Fall Leaf Wreath post.  I used Morocco Memento ink for the lighter colored leaves, Bamboo Leaves for the darker leaves, and Toffee Crunch for the remaining pieces.  To “assemble” the acorns, I cut the tops from the lighter acorns and glued them onto the darker acorns so that they were two-toned.

To build the leaf arrangement, I started with a 1-1/2” x 8” strip of paper.  Any paper will do since this is a foundation piece and will be covered or cut away.  I first placed a few of the twigs, gluing them with only a drop of glue at one end.  I found it easiest to put a “glob” of glue on a piece of scrap paper and brush the objects over it, rather than to apply a drop of glue from the bottle for each piece.  Next, I selected some of the larger, dark leaves to glue to the strip and begin to form the arrangement.  Putting the darker colors at the bottom adds depth and dimension.  Your arrangement can be as long or short, as wide or narrow as you want.  There are no rules.  The second layer should include larger leaves in the lighter and brighter colors.  These leaves should cover a lot of the base, but not entirely.  The bottom leaves should still be at least somewhat visible.   Also in this step, I placed the “wheat” and any additional twigs that I want to add.  Next, I worked along the arrangement again, adding the smaller leaves.  This is the layer that really counts since it will show the most.  This time I was careful to bury (or trim) the stems, and cover the stems from previous layers.  This layer will be a mix of all of the colors.  The last thing I did was to place some pine cones on the very top of the leaf pile.  For each element that you place in any of the layers, be sure to only use a small amount of glue at the base so you can go back and tuck more leaves or add dimension.  Here is a close-up picture of my finished leaf arrangement.


After the glue dried, I turned the arrangement over and trimmed the base.  When you cut, be sure to trim closely so that the base layer doesn’t show.  It is important also to avoid cutting any of the leaves, twigs, etc. around the edges.  Next, I added dimension to the wreath using a low dimensional adhesive under some of the leaves and twigs, etc.  You can also carefully curl or wrinkle certain leaves, etc. to add a little dimension (normally you don’t want anything too dimensional in a scrapbook).  See the video for an example of low dimensional adhesive vs. regular, and the basic steps I took to create my leaf arrangement.

To finish the scrapbook page, I cut a piece of orange burlap to size, and placed the arrangement on it.  I cut the “give thanks” sentiment using the QuicKutz die.  I trimmed my pictures and rounded the corners.  I tried different ways of placing the elements until I was happy with the finished product, and then I attached them to the background paper.

Supply List:

Sizzix, Tim Holtz Alterations “Autumn Gatherings” die

QuicKutz “Give Thanks” cookie cutter die

Assorted cardstock in fall colors.  I used Bazzill 80lb. cardstock.  My colors included:  navel, tomato, blissful, honey, mud puddle and a few others that weren’t labeled.

Background paper – I chose one of the fall plaids in the “Happy-Go-Lucky” collection by Fancy Pants.


Memento ink – Bamboo Leaves, Morocco, Toffee Crunch

Adhesives – glue stick, Scotch Quick-Dry glue, ScorTape and Tombow tape runner.


Orange burlap

You can purchase the featured supplies at Cut at Home or your local paper crafting shop.  My fave is Bayers Pampered Stampers in Toledo, Ohio.

Thanks and Happy Scrappin’!



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