Love Card

My card today is a Love Card.  I absolutely LOVE the die I used for the card.  It’s a Hero Arts Fancy Die, “Love and Heart”.  This die is perfect for use with glitter.  Valentines’ Day is just a month away, and I always think of glitter when I think of Valentines.

glitter 1

The first step for this card was paper selection.  I needed to figure out the layers and colors involved in order to pick glitter, etc.  I found a patterned paper I liked (the pink with red hearts), and added the coordinating white and dark red Bazzill cardstock.  I trimmed my dark red layer to 4.25” x 5.5”, and for the other layers, I used dies from the Spellbinders Nestabilities A2 Distressed Edges die set.   Layering is just so easy when I use the Spellbinders Card Creator dies!  I used the largest die for the pink/red heart layer, and the next smallest die for the white layer.  I embossed both layers to get the full edging detail.

The glittering technique I used for this card is the shipping tape (or packing tape) glittering method.  If you haven’t used this technique before, I recommend that you start with something small like the heart from the Hero Arts die set (as illustrated in my video below).  It’s an easy technique, but can take a few minutes to get it right.   You’ll want just a regular shipping tape for this project.  For some reason, the heavy duty tapes don’t work very well for this.

The first step is to create (or cut out) the area to be glittered.  I used the Hero Arts Love and Heart die to cut both images from the white card layer.  Before I cut, I centered the die carefully, and then I was careful to keep all of the cut pieces.  You can see from the attached photo that it would be possible to just glitter the opening created by cutting the die – the word is readable, etc.

open space 1

Instead I wanted to add back some of the detail from the letters and the center of the heart, etc. to end up with a more delicate glittered result.  So I placed the cut word and the heart outline (those parts you would normally cut and use on the card) in my scrap box to be used on another project.  I kept in the project area those parts that would normally be recycled and not used.

Now it’s time to add the tape.  Cut a piece of shipping tape approximately the size of your cut piece, and carefully apply it to the back of the cardstock.  It is important to keep the tape flat – no wrinkles or bubbles, etc. – and to keep your fingers off of any area that is to be glittered (the glitter won’t stick if your fingers touch it).  One piece of shipping tape may not cover the entire cut area, so you may need to carefully apply another piece of shipping tape.  I needed two pieces of tape to cover this image.  It is okay to overlap these pieces of tape – it won’t show in your finished project.   The tape is really the hardest part, and the one that can take a few tries to get it right.  You just need to find a comfortable position, etc.

Once the tape is in place, carefully trim any excess from the edges – again the hard part will be keeping your fingers off of the area to be glittered.   Place the piece to be glittered, sticky side up, on a piece of scrap paper.  You’ll need to use something nonstick (a liner from Scor-Tape, a shipping label liner, etc.) to press around the cut edges and make sure they are firmly in place.  Any gaps here will allow glitter to get under and raise that part of the cardstock.  My favorite thing to use for this is a real low tech option – just cut a longer (5-6”) piece of the shipping tape and fold it in half.  Be sure to press around all cut edges and do a good job of making sure the tape is stuck.  If you’re going to add back some of the cut-out shapes from the letters, etc. this is the point where you want to do that.  You can either do it with your fingers, or with a pair of tweezers.  Either way, keep your fingers or tweezers off of the sticky surface.  You’ll just kind of drop the inset piece, and it stays where it lands – you can’t really easily reposition it.  Once all of the inset pieces are in place, you’ll take your nonstick tape, etc. and press the inset pieces into the tape.  Again the goal is to avoid gaps.

Now you’re ready for the glitter.  I used a micro fine glitter for my project.  It’s very different from the chunkier glitters we used as kids.  I prefer to just use my fingers to pinch a little out of the bottle and sprinkle it over the tape.  Some people prefer to use a small spoon for this (you can purchase a glittering spoon, or just use one of the cute little appetizer spoons that you’ll find in the grocery store).  You don’t need to bring a lot of glitter out of the bottle – just try to give a good even coverage over your image.  Then use your finger to pat down the glitter into place, focusing on pushing it toward edges and corners, etc. so you have good coverage.  Once the area is covered, shake off any excess glitter on to a piece of scrap paper (use copier weight paper, etc. so you can bend it and easily transfer the excess glitter back into the bottle).  I find it helpful to use a soft brush to brush off the excess glitter from the project and the scrap paper, but you can also use a soft cloth or cotton ball, etc.  When I shot the video, I forgot my brush.  This is a picture of the kind of brush that I use.


The last step is to rub over the image with your finger – called burnishing.  This step is very important, and brings back the sparkle of the glitter.  After burnishing, you’ll want to do one more pass with the brush to get off any additional excess glitter that was loosened.    That’s all there is to it.  Keep in mind that sometimes the micro fine glitters can be a little transparent, so it may not look like you have much glitter in place.  When you lay the glittered paper on a white surface, etc. you’ll see that the glitter is there and looks perfect.  It’s just a more subtle effect than the chunky glitters.  Please see the short video for a demonstration of the technique.

Once the glittering was done, I assembled card.  Before attaching the layers with Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal, I sponged a little color on the edges of the white cardstock.  I used Angel Pink and Love Letter Memento inks to do this.  I added a narrow (1/8”) sheer white ribbon and bow.  I wanted the embellishment to be subtle, because I wanted the emphasis to remain on the word and the heart.

glitter 1

You can also use the shipping tape method to create an inset of the heart and the word “love” (instead of glittering), as shown in the photos below.

inset 1  inset 2

You’ll start the same as you did for the glittering technique, except that when you are cutting, you’ll also need to cut the word “love” and the heart in a contrast color.  The pieces that you’ll use are the outline heart and the word “love” from the contrast paper, and the “scraps” from the matching cardstock.  After you’ve applied the shipping tape, you’ll carefully lay in the heart outline and the pieces for the word “love”.  The last thing you’ll do is to add back the scraps, or cut out shapes giving definition to the letters.  Use the nonstick tool (folded over piece of tape or liner, etc.) to push the pieces into place and to make sure that they stick to the tape.

Supply List:

Hero Arts Fancy Die Love and Heart

Spellbinders Nestabilities A2 Distressed Edges Card Creator dies

Die cutting machine – I used my Spellbinders Grand Calbur

Cardstock – assorted solids and patterns

Ribbon/trim – I used 1/8” sheer white ribbon for the glittered card, and cranberry burlap string twine by May Arts on the inset card

Shipping tape – use regular weight, heavy duty won’t work well

Micro fine glitter – I used Glitter Ritz Opaque Micro Fine Glitter – cranberry

Paint brush (soft, fine bristle)

Scrap paper

Memento Angel Pink and Love Letter ink pads


You can purchase supplies needed for this project from Cut at Home or from your local paper crafting shop.  My fave is Bayers Pampered Stampers in Toledo, Ohio.


Thanks and Happy Scrappin’!




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