Spellbinders Venetian Accents Mardi Gras Card

Tuesday was Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” so for fun I created this Mardi Gras card using Spellbinders Venetian Accents die.  In certain parts of the country, that means a day of parades and masks and beads and lots of fun.  In my part of the country, it is paczki day – a day to overindulge in a traditional Polish jelly donut like creation (paczki are actually richer and heavier than a jelly donut).  Regardless of how you celebrate, I wanted to make a card to mark the occasion.


This is a very simple card, and of course you could dress it up more if you prefer.  I started by making the components.  The masks are cut from the really fun Spellbinders die set, “Venetian Accents”.  This is a very detailed die, so you may need to run it through your die cutting machine a couple of times to get a complete cut.  Using wax paper between the die and the paper will help a lot when it comes to removing the finished piece from the die.  Be sure to do the embossing step.  This will give the mask its wonderful detail.  I cut masks from both green and purple cardstock.   Once the masks were cut, I used “goldrush” Smooch Glitz to add the glitter on the center crown area.  For the scrollwork at the sides, I used “lime twist” Smooch Glitz to add glitter.  You may need to do several coats of both in order to get good coverage.  Be sure to let each dry thoroughly before adding rhinestones to finish the mask.  At this point you can also begin to think about shaping the mask – bending it gently with your fingers in order to achieve dimension for the card.

My next task was to string the beads.  I used purple, gold and green “E” beads.  These should be readily available in the jewelry section of your favorite craft store.  “E” beads are larger than seed beads, so are quicker and easier  to string.  I made two strands of 36-beads for each color.

In New Orleans, the greeting for today is “laissez les bons temps rouler” – “let the good times roll”.  That is the inspiration for the sentiment I used.  I didn’t have an appropriate stamp, so I typed it into my computer, changed the font several times until I found one I liked, and changed the color of the letters to purple.  When I was happy with the result, I simply printed the sentiment onto white cardstock.

I cut and assembled the following layers for the card front – 1) a green layer, 5” x 7”; 2) a yellow-gold layer, 4.5” x 6.5”; and 3) a purple layer 4” x 6” (note that this is a lighter shade of purple than I used for the mask – I wanted to be sure that the purple mask showed against the background).  I used Scor-Tape to attach the layers.  I used a combination of Scor-Tape and low dimensional adhesive to attach the masks to the card front.  I placed the adhesive on the back of the mask, and when placing the mask on the cardstock, used my fingers to push it into place (adding dimension, not flattening it).  I used small drops of Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive to attach the beads to the card front.  The sentiment was attached with Scor-Tape.

Regardless of how you celebrate, I hope you have a great Mardi Gras!

Supply List:

Spellbinders Venetian Accents die set

Die cutting machine – I used my Spellbinders Grand Calibur

Purple, green and yellow-gold cardstock – two shades of purple, a dark one for the mask, and a lighter shade for the card front

Smooch Glitz in “goldrush” and “lime twist”

“E” beads in gold, purple and green

String and beading needle

Adhesives – Scotch Quick-Dry glue, Scor-Tape by Scor-Pal, low dimensional adhesive

Yellow/gold rhinestones

The featured supplies are available at Cut at Home or from your local paper crafting shop.  My fave is Bayers Pampered Stampers in Toledo, Ohio.  Links for both are in my blogroll above.

Thanks and Happy Scrappin’!



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